Friday, October 26, 2018

Go Digit Mobile Insurance a Solution for You all Mobile Protection Need

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone phone you might think to insure it. This blog post describes the need of Mobile phone Insurance and also suggest the best place to buy a Smartphone Insurance

We often face issue like screen damages, Accidental damage, Liquid damage, Theft etc. Damages and theft are not covered under warranty and some time the cost of repairing is close to the new mobile phones. 
Go Digit General Insurance India Limited

Go Digit General Insurance India Limited
is a trusted place to buy a Mobile Insurance. By spending few extra bucks, you can transfer your all mobile related tensions to Go Digit. In case of Damage or theft Go Digit bear the full cost.

From Where I can buy Mobile Insurance? 

You can easily buy a Go Digit Mobile Insurance online along with your mobile phone from Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm.


What Kind of Damages are covered Under Mobile Insurance?

Go Digit Insure your smartphone against Screen Damages, Liquid Damages, Accidental Damages, and Theft

Go Digit Mobile Insurance plans

Go Digit offers three different kind of Mobile Insurance Plans

Screen Damage

This is basic plan that insure your mobile phones from screen damages only. It is easily available at Flipkart, Amazon and PayTm.

  • Amazon for all new mobiles < ₹10k
  • Paytm for all new mobiles < ₹10k
  • Flipkart for all new mobiles

All Damages Plan

All Damages plan is a more advances plan that insure your smartphone against Screen Damages, Accidental damage as well as Liquid damage. You can buy this plan from

  • Amazon for new mobiles ₹10k – ₹25k
  • Paytm for new mobiles > ₹10k 

No Tension Plan

As the name suggest No Tension plan insure your smartphone against Screen Damages, Accidental damage, Liquid damage as well as the from Theft. You can buy this plan from
  • Amazon for all new mobiles > ₹25k 

Why to choose Go Digit Mobile Insurance?


There are number of features that makes the Go Digit Mobile Insurance is best as compared to other mobile insurance providers some of them are.

  •  Advance Cash for Repair

This is one of the best features of Go Digit Mobile Insurance. You do not need to spend a single penny from your pocket to repair your smartphone. Go Digit provide you the advance cash. Take the cash Go Digit and repair your mobile from your favorite shop.

  • Super-fast claims

Go digit claiming to approved your mobile insurance claims at the speed of jet.
  • Instant activation

Go digit insurance plan is activated as soon as get your mobile phone in your hand. No need to wait for a month to get it approved.

  • IMEI-linked cover

Go Digit provide the IMEI-linked Insurance cover. No matter who is using your smartphone you can claim your damages based on your IMEI .

More details about Go Digit mobile insurance is available at Amazon, Flipikart and PayTm. So if you are going to buy a smartphone online so don't forget to tick a Go Digit Insurance option and buy it along with your smartphone

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